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Manfred Knieper:

War Mail Kiachow (Kiautshou) (only in German)

A portrayal of postal history in the Kiachow Territory from mid-July until 6 November 1914 with inclusion of Siberian-Routed Mail having Russian Censorship.

The first section of this book covers the to-date most complete examination of the delayed, censored & returned German Mail from China via Siberia at the outbreak of the war in 1914. Such mail subsequently reached it German destination by way of the United States of America.

The second section of the book is an analysis of authentic war-period mail between 2 August until German capitulation on 7 November 1914, with a large portion of the illustrations in color. The author succeeds in selecting censorship markings on authentic mail versus that of fictitious and philatelic favor-marked mail having the “b” cancels of Tsingtau on postal stationery and franked-pieces.

In the closing section, the author discusses prisoner-of-war mail from China to the Japanese prisoner-of-war camps, mail to the camp at Hong Kong and mail from Torpedo Boat “S90”.

Handbook Publication 6 of the Study Group having the German Title “Kriegspost Kiautschou” is a soft-bound 179-page volume containing 250 colored illustrations on archival photo-paper.

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